Our Story

Yuyo is the latest collaboration between the brother-sister team of Owner Carlos Rivero and Executive Chef Maribel Rivero. Yuyo is the celebration of Chef Rivero’s culinary immersion throughout South America, where she connected deeply with local people, top chefs, and food stories.

Chef Maribel has spent extensive time in Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and her native country of Bolivia. Her training in Latin American cuisine included working alongside world-class chefs in Lima, including Pedro Miguel Schiaffino and Virgilio Martinez, as well as with large families in their home kitchens. Her understanding of the complexities of Peruvian food reflects the various ethnicities of Peru: African, indigenous Peruvians, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and other European peoples. A mix of cultures comes together to explore the bounty of the land from the Amazon, the Andes, the desert, and the Pacific Ocean.

 Owner Carlos Rivero heads El Chile Group, which includes restaurants El Alma, El Chile, El Chilito, Alcomar, and Yuyo. He fondly remembers visiting his sister in Peru, and says  Yuyo is a rediscovery of their family’s roots in South America. “When I visited Maribel in Peru, I was amazed by the cuisine and warmth of the people. I returned to Texas and searched for Peruvian restaurants, but nothing came close to what I had experienced in Lima,” said Carlos Rivero, owner and founder of El Chile Group. “We are excited to introduce this new concept to Austin,” he continued.

Yuyo celebrates the fresh indigenous ingredients and unique cooking techniques of South America, as well as Carlos and Chef Maribel’s childhood spent around the dining table.